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about Kimberly

an introduction

Hi there, let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Kimberly Zittlow and I'm a full charge website designer. I've been building beautifully functional and hi-tech websites since 2004.

I taught myself all about website design, server technologies and coding by reading mountains of website design manuals and also by many hours of good old fashioned trial and error over the years. I'm very sensitive to budget restraints since most new websites are built during the inception of brand new business start-ups. I'll work with you to create a beautiful and complete online presence all within your budget.

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why choose Kimberly's Web Services?

Just a few of my skill sets. My expertise is your gain!

Simple & Clean Website Design

I strongly believe that a crisp and clean website design that functions effortlessly is the best way to go about successful website design. My designs hit the mark, taking your goals and personal style into consideration. Color and texture variations are the hallmark of every single project.

Fully Managed Website Hosting

We host and manage all of our websites on our own secured, dedicated server. 1 year of fully managed website hosting is included with every new website project. Don't get stuck in that trap of monthly fees from WIX or other similarly web based website design software programs. At Kimberly's Web Services there are no pesky, lingering monthly fees.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have the know how to properly design your website with Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine parameters in mind. We know what they like to see and we know how to make your website communicate with all of the major search engines. We'll also submit your new website to the world wide web.

Ongoing Personal Support

We know that as time goes on and your business changes and evolves, that routine maintenance will surely be required to keep your website up to date. Basic website text content and photo changes are all included with your brand new website design.

Socially Connected Web Design

Your brand new website will be seamlessly linked to all of your social media accounts. Communicating with new and existing customers is a valuable tool that we strongly suggest all businesses utilize. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Google+ will all be linked to your new website.

Raising the bar!
Your online
presence is

The Key to Your Success!

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Hiring my services is easy. Here's how it works:


Contact me today for a consultation.

We'll discuss your project vision and I'll give you my professional opinion. We'll go over the budget and get started on your design planning. I typically will charge you 50% up front then the remaining 50% is due when the website is complete. Easy peasy!


Securing your domain.

We will decide on the best website name, figure out which one is available then secure its purchase. Once the domain is locked down I'll install the new domain onto my secured server. One year of website hosting and management is always included!


1-3 weeks development.

Depending on the size and parameter of the new website design, it'll take approximately 1-3 weeks in development. We will be in contact along the way and you'll know exactly where I'm at with the new website project at any given time. You'll even be able to preview the progress!


Debugging and delivery.

Once the new website is completed we'll both take it for a "spin" and make sure that everything is working and fully functional before delivery. All text content, links and photos will be adjusted as needed. Once the final product is complete it'll roll over into our management program.

Let's get started!

Contact me today and we'll work out a smokin' deal

It all starts with a simple phone call, text or email. We'll get a plan of action started and get to work building your brand new website. It's easy as that. I'll do all the work and you'll be able to focus on the nuts and bolts of your business.

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A quick snapshot

Just a glimpse into the website design process

Complete website design

Creating a crisp, clean and highly function website design is job #1. A complete understanding of your vision helps get the process rolling.

Multi page layout continuity

Creating multiple pages that are pleasing to the eye and flow effortlessly is the hallmark of any good website design.

Major search engine compliance

Google, Yahoo and Bing have their own compliance requirements in order for websites to perform well. We know what those nuances are and they will be implemented with that in mind.

What all is included?

Services included with each new website project.

There is a lot that is entailed with designing a brand new website. Much of the work that is done is on the back end of your website that won't be visible to you or the basic internet browsing user. It all comes together to create a powerful web presence.